A Night Next to the Greatness of the Universe

Those who mastered all the scholarly disciplines
Luminating their friends with the light of their learning
They were unable to grope their way out of this dark night into daylight;
They just told a tale and fell asleep

Type : Milky Way
Optic : Canon 18-55 kit
Focal Length : 18 mm F/3.5
Mount : Tripod
Camera : Canon EOS60D
ISO: 5000
Filters: –
Guide Scope : –
Total EXP: 30 Sec
Technique used : –
Dark : –
Flat : –
Bias : –
Dark Flat :-
Software: Photoshop
Date Taken : 4 September 2013
Place : Akbar Abad Village , Kashmar , Iran

شبی در کنار عظمت کیهان

آنان که محیط فضل و آداب شدند
در جمع کمال شمع اصحاب شدند
ره زین شب تاریک نبردند به روز
گفتند فسانه‌ یی و در خواب شدند

شهریور 1392

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