Where the path of the earth reaches the of the sky

The way to reach the sky passes through the solitude of the morning
Every treasure of happiness that God gave to Hafiz
From Yemen was the night prayer and the morning prayer

Type : Milky Way
Optic : Samyang Lense
Focal Length : 14 mm F/2.8 @ F/2.8
Camera : Canon EOS6D
ISO : 2500
Filters : –
Guide Scope : –
Total EXP : 20Sec
Technique used : –
Dark : –
Flat : –
Bias : –
Dark Flat :-
Software: Photoshop
Date Taken : 24 June 2015
Place : Akbar Abad Village , Rivash, Iran

جاییکه راه زمین به راه آسمان می رسد

راه رسیدن  به آسمان از خلوت صبحگاهی می گذرد

هـر گنـج سـعادت که خـدا داد به حـافظ
از یـمن دعـای شب و ورد سـحری بود

تیر 1394

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